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Saturday, January 11, 2014

For the love of beauty!

I've always loved everything related to beauty.
I remember one birthday when I was a little girl I received a pink Little Tikes vanity. Talk about one excited birthday girl!
So many days I would sit and "do" my makeup. Typically I came out looking like a clown, with bright red circles on my cheeks, bright blue's, pinks, purples or greens smeared on my eyelids and whatever flavor in my never ending Lip Smackers collection I felt like rubbing all over my face, because you know the bigger the Lip Smackers the cooler you were. Obviously that meant I had the biggest ones you could buy that would never actually precisely apply to your actual lips.

 My makeup collection grew and grew. My little vanity was overflowing with my ever growing collection. Therefore I had to upgrade to a CaBoodles makeup carrier. The first one I owned was a big awful, lots of shelves pulled out and it was purple and sparkly! I felt so cool. I had so many Lip Smackers, lipsticks nail polishes, eyeshadows and blushes. Most of that was passed down from cousins or my mom.
I had little makeup brushes too. Usually the sponge applicators or teeny tiny blush brushes and powder puffs or sponges that come with the products that most adults don't use. I sure used them though!

Obviously I was the little girl who dressed up in her mother's heels, pretty dresses, and jewelry.
I even had my Mom-Mom wrapped around my fingers with this. I always would take her ever so-cool clip on earrings and pearl necklaces and walk around all day in them. I loved looking at her shoe rack, she had so many high heels. It was a girls dream.

Something that started fascinating me the older I got was hair. Cuts, colors, styles. And I have been through my fair share of all the above. I get so much joy learning new techniques and cutting and styling, coloring hair. I will get my degree one day because I can't imagine not having one.
Even if it never gets me anywhere in life to experience learning everything I want to know will be amazing. It's an art to me.

Now that I'm older, I still love makeup just as much. I love having my nails painted. I am OBSESSED with hair.  I still love jewelry and fashion, though high heels are not my forte. I'd take a pair of boots or flats any day!

I hope through writing this blog I can share some of my favorite products, honest reviews, some DIY's of my own, photo's and swatches of my favorite nail polishes or makeup!

I hope you join me on my journey! This will be a learning process for me and I'm hoping I learn well! I hope that others, if nothing else,  just enjoy reading what I have to say and seeing the passion I have for anything and everything beauty related!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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Sarah Lynn said...

Welcome back to blogging! :-)

Jessica Lynn ♥ said...

Thanks Sarah! Can't wait to share the next few posts I have planned out! :)

Sarah Lynn said...

That's the good thing about blogger too. You can write a few little posts when you have time and schedule them to post every few days, or every week.

Christina Marsden said...

Look forward to reading! You are my go to girl when I need advice on makeup or hair ;-) love you sis 💜

Jessica Lynn ♥ said...

Thanks Chrissy! My next post is all set! I will be posting tomorrow morning :)