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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My very 1st Youtube video!!! How to Detangle Biracial Curly Hair (child)

Hey everyone! Last week I decided on a whim to record how I detangle my daughters hair! she has curly biracial hair and I know when I first was looking into how to detangle YouTube was the best place to find videos.
I still find the demographic for those videos are far and few unfortunately and I thought it would be neat to put my take on it!

Please take a few minutes to watch my video and if you want to see anymore videos leave a comment on the video or down below on my blog for video requests! And I promise the next won't be as lengthy!! =p

More blog posts and hopefully videos will be coming soon! But for now leave me comments for what you'd like to see more of and enjoy my little cutie pie in this video <3

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nume Reverse Curling Wand Review!

Hello everyone!

Today's post will be a product review. First and foremost as a quick disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, I purchased this with my own money and this is my complete honest review!

I'll be reviewing the Nume Classic Reverse Curling Wand! Now if you watch any YouTube videos you'll see this brand gets a lot of hype and they claim its the best curling wands you'll ever use! 

Obviously I was intrigued and skeptical because how can this wand be any different or better then all the other brands out there?

So after a long time of wanting to try and test it out myself  to see if the claims were true, and a looooot of searching for coupon codes (as the last thing i wanted to do is drop the hefty price of $175 on a curling wand that I easily could pick up for $20 bucks at the drugstore!) 

I finally found a coupon code on a YouTube video posted by Ingrid - or MissGlamorazzi as she's known on YouTube. Here's the link to the video she has the code listed: 

She also has another coupon code in the down bar as well, but she has one to get The reverse curling wand for $27! The code is: ILOVENUGGET
Definitely check out Ingrid's channel as well because she has some awesome video's and she seems like a nice, down to earth, relatable girl :) I'm not sure when this code will expire but if you are interested I tried today and it still works! 

So obviously after finding that code I knew I had to place an order! With tax and shipping my grand total was $39 but you can't argue with that when you'd typically be paying $175+!!

My first impression was how quickly my order was shipped to me! I placed my order on the 5th and I received it yesterday afternoon on the 8th! They are based in California and I live in Pennsylvania so talk about quick shipping!

This is what the box looks like:

When you open the box there was the wand, the heat protectant glove, a manual, and also a coupon for 60% another future order…. perhaps more reviews will be coming up with that code! For picture purpose i removed the manual and coupon so it wasn't over crowded!

I love that the cord is nice and long so no matter where you have to plug it in you have plenty of cord to make it to a mirror. Another things I love is the fact that the base where to cord comes out swivels a complete 360 Degree so the cord NEVER gets in the way even when curling the back of your hair!

The wand has a nice weight too it, but not so heavy that it hurts to be lifting it so your arms don't tire out.

The wand also was fully heated within 60 seconds! 

When I curled i separated in 3 different sections, the top middle and bottom layer.

I wore the heat protectant glove the whole time. It did a pretty good job, never got burnt felt a little heat coming through the tips tho but nothing unbearable. The one downside of the glove was sometimes It caused a little frizz, but my hair also has been frizzy this winter, due to the cold and the blonde in my hair. It was never too much that i couldn't handle, i just would place to wand on the counter and smooth it with my ungloved hand and then curl.

I curled my whole head in 20 mins, which is pretty good for just using a product for the first time!

How I curled it is a little hard to explain but maybe if you guys want I can record a video of it speeded up so you can see the technique I did!

But to put it basically I took pieces about an inch to 1/2 an inch held the wand with the larger part pointing down and the smaller part is where the root of your hair is and you just wrap the pieces in a spiral motion down the wand and hold for about 5-10 seconds. 
Then I gently let the hair slide into the gloved palm of my hair and slowly let it drop. Some curls I let sit a little longer in my palm to cool and get a tighter curl.

The results are absolutely AMAZING. I have never had my hair this curly, and bouncy, and shiny!

The curls are very tight as first, but all I did was take my finger tips, at the base head and gently finger comb and shake to curls out a bit. I also tipped my head upside down and scrunched a bit to make it a bit looser and more natural! 

The only product I used in my hair was Tresemme Heat Protectant, I sprayed about 5 mins before and let dry (please ladies let your heat protect DRY before using heat tools that how it protects! if you spray and then use heat that smoke that caused is the product burning away and then your hair is not protected! 5-10 mins to let sit and dry and sink in to protect will really help keep your hair healthy and strong!!)

After ! got it how I liked a used a light coating of my Aussie Hair spray for hold.

I decided that I should take pictures before I went to bed last night as well. I took pictures 7 hours after curling.

The curls are still nice, a little but looser but still full of the shape and curl! I'm impressed!

Now for the last test. Sleep!!!

I slept in as its referred too, a pineapple, you loosely stack curls on the top of your head, and basically look like a fool! I made a nice face in the picture to show! I know, I know. It's sp attractive maybe my next date night I'll wear my hair just like this! Just kidding!

I took it out in the morning and had slight bed head.

And then basically finger combed and shook it out for no longer than 2 minutes and these are my results, with no products at all!

I'm speechless. Beautiful bouncy loose curls. Amazing 2nd day curls!

So my review is, if you need a new curling wand or are wanting to start curling, get this curling wand!!! It is well worth it, and if I wasn't such a bargain hunter I do say this is even well worth the $175! So A big WIN all around 5++ Stars all around!! I love it!

If that code doesn't work for you just google search Nume coupon codes, there are so many codes out there to save you money too!

I love this wand and I don't think I'll ever go back to using another brand again!

You can buy Nume products here:

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! If you have any suggestions for future posts, or requests of products you want reviews on let me know! This was a lot of fun to do!

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nails, nails, nails!

For today's post I thought I'd post a few nail polish swatches I've taken! I'm still getting used to how to hold my hand and some of these photo's are the first ever ones I've taken!

I thought it'd be nice to use this as a platform to show off them off!!! Hope you enjoy!

Essie - Leading Lady

OPI - Liquid Sand Mariah Carey Collection - Can't Let Go

Essie - Boom Boom Room

Color Club - Blue Heaven

First coat is Sally Hansen - White On
This is a mix between 2 different Essie's - In The Cabana and Boom Boom Room
Sally Hansen -  Violet Voltage 

Same colors as above - Right hand

Zoya - Lola

Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
Essie - Set in Stones

Zoya - Jem 
flash on

Zoya- Jem 
natural sunlight (took 2 photo's to show how the color changes)

4 layers- Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac 
Essie - To Buy or Not to Buy 
Revlon - Girly
Pure Ice - Spitfire

Luxe- Red Hot
Essie- Leading Lady
Essie - Set in Stones
Accent nail:
Zoya - Dahlia
Essie - Set in Stones

All nails - excluding the liquid sand - have Seche Vite top coat.

I hope you enjoyed aim my swatches! Also make sure you check out my Instagram and my Twitter and follow me to keep up to date with new posts and pictures/sneak peaks! 
And thank you for all the support and like's I've been receiving especially on Instagram! It means a lot!

That's all for today but stay tuned I have more posts to come! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

For the love of beauty!

I've always loved everything related to beauty.
I remember one birthday when I was a little girl I received a pink Little Tikes vanity. Talk about one excited birthday girl!
So many days I would sit and "do" my makeup. Typically I came out looking like a clown, with bright red circles on my cheeks, bright blue's, pinks, purples or greens smeared on my eyelids and whatever flavor in my never ending Lip Smackers collection I felt like rubbing all over my face, because you know the bigger the Lip Smackers the cooler you were. Obviously that meant I had the biggest ones you could buy that would never actually precisely apply to your actual lips.

 My makeup collection grew and grew. My little vanity was overflowing with my ever growing collection. Therefore I had to upgrade to a CaBoodles makeup carrier. The first one I owned was a big awful, lots of shelves pulled out and it was purple and sparkly! I felt so cool. I had so many Lip Smackers, lipsticks nail polishes, eyeshadows and blushes. Most of that was passed down from cousins or my mom.
I had little makeup brushes too. Usually the sponge applicators or teeny tiny blush brushes and powder puffs or sponges that come with the products that most adults don't use. I sure used them though!

Obviously I was the little girl who dressed up in her mother's heels, pretty dresses, and jewelry.
I even had my Mom-Mom wrapped around my fingers with this. I always would take her ever so-cool clip on earrings and pearl necklaces and walk around all day in them. I loved looking at her shoe rack, she had so many high heels. It was a girls dream.

Something that started fascinating me the older I got was hair. Cuts, colors, styles. And I have been through my fair share of all the above. I get so much joy learning new techniques and cutting and styling, coloring hair. I will get my degree one day because I can't imagine not having one.
Even if it never gets me anywhere in life to experience learning everything I want to know will be amazing. It's an art to me.

Now that I'm older, I still love makeup just as much. I love having my nails painted. I am OBSESSED with hair.  I still love jewelry and fashion, though high heels are not my forte. I'd take a pair of boots or flats any day!

I hope through writing this blog I can share some of my favorite products, honest reviews, some DIY's of my own, photo's and swatches of my favorite nail polishes or makeup!

I hope you join me on my journey! This will be a learning process for me and I'm hoping I learn well! I hope that others, if nothing else,  just enjoy reading what I have to say and seeing the passion I have for anything and everything beauty related!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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